New Year, New You

The beginning of 2020 I had the amazing chance to be interviewed by Talk Show Host Boy Abunda on his show The Bottomline.

Along with 3 other experts — a Financial Coach, a Nutritionist, and a Laughter Yoga Teacher — we discussed important mindsets and directions to making this year your best year ever.

If you weren’t able to watch our episode, you can still stream the FULL VIDEO of this episode for free using the @iWantTV app. 😊

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episode last January 18.


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PLUS: The insights are valuable for your 2020.


How our love map affects our relationship choices

In one part of my interview with The Bottomline with Boy Abunda last January 18, I talked about “The Love Map” and how it affects our relationship choices.

That segment is available now on YouTube. ❤️

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Tips for Singles from Relationship Coach Aileen Santos

In my years of coaching I have come across singles who tell me they’ve been “single since birth.”

Sometimes the women say they’re “NBSB” (no boyfriend since birth), or the men will say they’re NGSB (no girlfriend since birth).

Either way, what they’re doing is this: They’re giving themselves a label that has nothing to do with how wonderful they are.

Here some of the tips I want to share with these wonderful singles:

High School Is About Discovering YOU

Your early teenage years
are for you to discover who you are,
and deciding exactly how
you’re going to change the world.

The years that come afterwards
are for you to start going after your dreams,
and recognizing the person
who’s going to support you,
as he pursues his own dreams, too.

Most problems happen
when you cling to someone too soon:

Your identity becomes “being his girlfriend,”
and your only dream becomes
“to stay with him.”

It’s a very difficult thing:

trying to rediscover yourself

when you never knew who you are.

It’s even harder to let go of a dream
that doesn’t work out,
simply because

it was the only one you had.

Coach Aileen Santos


Guys Ask: “When is the right time to pursue a girl?”

Guys ask: “When is the right time to pursue a girl?”

In this episode of #fallinlovefriday relationship #coachaileensantos gives you 5 guidelines, including:

  • the 3 things guys need to assess about themselves, and
  • the 2 things they need to check about the girl.

While there really are no guarantees in love or in life, we can still increase our chances of success by doing the things that work.

Hope you find these insights helpful!

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Guys Ask: “What if I seem to be no one’s type?”

Guys Ask:
“What if I seem to be no one’s type?”

In this episode of #FallInLoveFriday, #CoachAileenSantos gives men:

  • 3 insights into what makes men ask this question,
  • practical things they should start doing / realizing now to improve their dating situation, AND
  • 3 more actionable tips on how dating (for men) is like being in Sales… and what they can do to succeed. 😉

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