About Coach Aileen

When she was 14 years old, Aileen once played with the Ouija board and asked a question:

“What is the name of the man I’m going to marry?”

To her surprise (and slight panic – because she was playing the Ouija board alone in her room) the pointer started spelling out a complete name.

Seven letters in the first name. Eight letters in the last name.

It was a very unique and realistic name and she had no idea where it came from. She did not know anyone by that name (she went to a private school for girls and never went out without her family) and she immediately stopped playing the Ouija board, because it now seriously creeped her out (she actually never played again afterwards).

One week later, one of her friends (let’s call her “E”) said she met a guy wanted to meet Aileen. He went to the private school for boys down the street, and one afternoon he saw Aileen with E, so he befriended E and asked if she could introduce them.

To a teenage girl who went to a private all-girl school, only one question needed to be asked when a guy wanted to get to know you:

“Is he cute?” Aileen asked.

E nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, yes,” she said.

Aileen was excited. “What’s his name?”

And that was when E gave her the exact same name that the Ouija board gave Aileen, just days before.

Seven letters in the first name. Eight letters in the last name.

Aileen had thought she would not have to deal with the guy she was supposed to marry for at least 10 more years. But he existed now, and was asking to be a part of her life.

“So,” E said, her eyes twinkling, “Should I introduce you to each other?”


You know how, in the movies, you instinctively know when a huge moment is happening in the story?

The official soundtrack comes on, and there are slow motion / close up shots of the actors.

In real life, we rarely have the privilege of knowing when we are actually having a huge moment.

But right there – at the age of fourteen – I knew that I was standing at an important crossroads, and whatever choice I made then would forever affect my life.

I knew at that moment that if I told E, “Yes, please introduce us,” then I was 99% sure I was going to marry this guy I hadn’t yet met.

Not because I knew him. But because I knew myself.

I knew that even if this guy didn’t turn out to be all that great, if he ever asked to be my boyfriend I knew I’d eventually say yes. Because at the back of my mind I would always wonder, “But what if he’s my destiny? After all, his name came out of the Ouija board.”

I also knew myself enough to know that – even if he turned out to be a not-so-good boyfriend – if he ever asked me to marry him I would eventually say yes. Because at the back of my mind I would always remember, “His name came out of the Ouija board.”

In that huge moment, my 14 year old self thought long and hard.

Until finally, she gave E an answer:

“No. Please don’t introduce us.”

The reason for that decision came when 14 year old me finally asked the more important question:

“Wait a minute… what does God have to say about my destiny?”

I suddenly realized that if God wanted us to be together, this guy would be back at a time when I was more ready, less gullible, and way less hormone-driven. And if this romance was part of God’s plan, then He would make a way for us to meet each other again.

And because of that, I will forever be grateful to 14 year old me.


Fast forward many years later. 🙂

Today I am a Relationship Coach with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I am also a Registered Guidance Counselor and a published Romance Author (with 3 stand-alone books and one complete young adult trilogy).

I am also happily married (20 years and counting!) with teens of our own,

and I have made it my mission to teach singles love facts vs love fiction, so they can enjoy more awesome love stories in real life.

Sometimes when I do coaching sessions, give seminars, or do book signings, people ask me:

“So did you marry Ouija board guy?”

And I answer them:

“I got to live a better version of my love story: I got to know more people, got to know several guys, then chose the one who made me feel truly loved.

“Now this man and I have history together, continually strive to understand each other, and do our best to serve God together.”

No, he wasn’t chosen by some unknown spirit. Instead, I chose him after getting to know him. And now we choose each other each and every day.

In the end, this is what real and lasting love looks like.

And my hope is that I can help you create your awesome real-life love story of your own.


Coach Aileen Santos