How Do I Know If He / She Is “The One”?

“How Do I Know if He/She is The One?”

In this episode of #FallInLoveFriday, #CoachAileenSantos shares with you:

  • The bad news (and good news!) about Soul Mates and “The One,”
  • The 3 minimum requirements you need from any partner (a.k.a. basic foundations for “The One,”) and
  • *mHow to figure out your own 3 Non Negotiables to better guide you in choosing “The One” for you.

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How Do I Know If We’re Compatible?

“How Do I Know We’re Compatible?”

Coach Aileen Santos answers this question with 7 Insights, including:

  • 3 insights into what Compatibility is NOT , and
  • 4 Good Clues that help you discern if someone may be a compatible partner for you.

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